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Neal Fenton, one of Royalton’s attentive bellmen, was walking through the lobby when he noticed a guest was reading a book written by one of his favorite authors, Sheila Weller. Neal made a mental note and went home to raid his personal book collection.

The next day when Neal saw the guest he presented her with his copy of “Girls Like Us” - another book by Sheila Weller, and said he thought she may enjoy this one. The guest was truly blown away by the gesture and could not believe what Neal had done for her. Bellman and personal literary curator!

Near the end of her shift, Etty had 2 hotel guests sit in her section for lunch at Bianca. These were repeat guests whom Etta knew personally. When they sat down, they had two requests. The lady had a terrible migraine and asked if we could have someone go to a drug store to pick up some sinus and headache medicine. Her husband asked if we could provide him with Marlboro 100’s. Etty, as usual, took the request in stride and promised to deliver.

Etty went to the gift shop to get the cigarettes and found they were sold out of that particular brand so decided to go to Walgreens to get them along with the headache medicine. When she got to Walgreens she was informed that they too were sold out of that brand of cigarette. Etty was not close to giving up – she ran another two blocks to a smoke shop and finally found the cigarettes. Etty returned to the hotel and delivered the items to two very happy Delano guests.

This kind of service is all in a day’s work for Etty. She graciously goes out of her way to put guests at east and creates a comfortable “home away from home” atmosphere for guests and staff alike.

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